Meet the bright, beautiful souls that make our organization shine. Feel free to reach out and say hello, we don't bite. 



Jen Harris
Events & Operations Coordinator

Jen has spent the past 15 years learning life lessons from children, while teaching in Montessori schools. Before that, she worked on an organic farm and studied English & Art at Kalamazoo College. In her role at Crosshatch, she is delighted to have a hand in building great educational events, making meaningful connections between people, and promoting good food. Her best day ever would include reading poetry, eating apples, walking the dog with her family, and swimming in Lake Michigan.

Amanda KIK

After spending both her undergraduate and graduate years at California Institute of the Arts, Amanda moved to Northwest Lower Michigan in 2001. Here, she set roots in her community and has focused on her passions: food and art. In 2005, Amanda and her husband Brad founded Crosshatch Center for Art & Ecology (née ISLAND). Amanda serves as chair of the Northern Michigan Small Farm Conference, which works to build a local vibrant agricultural community. She raises a small flock of chickens and enjoys waltzes and group dances.

Brad Kik

Brad Kik is the co-founder and co-director of Crosshatch Center for Art & Ecology. Brad’s varied background—film study, environmental activism, graphic design, community organizing, traditional music, ecology and permaculture—plays a key role in directing the intention behind Crosshatch's work in the community. Brad also serves on a number of boards reflecting Crosshatch's diverse approach to community building: Earthwork Music, a collective of Michigan musicians; Grass River Natural Area, a 1000+ acre wetland preserve in Antrim County, Michigan, near where Brad calls home; and the Alliance of Artist Communities (AAC), who support and advocate for artist residency programs. Brad also acts as the co-chair of the ecological residencies cohort for the AAC, and helps convene and present their Emerging Programs Institute each year.

Jen Schaap
Food & Farm Programs Coordinator

After dabbling in the industrial design world, Jen found the life-changing powers of dirt and began a second life working on, supporting, and promoting the small farm. Jen is working to strengthen the network of small farms and local foods in Northern Michigan through guilds and food and farming programs. Jen likes to sing, make things, grow heritage and ancient grains, and eat real food.

Mollie Thomas
Communications & Development Coordinator

Mollie Thomas was the very first Crosshatch (née ISLAND) intern and is thrilled to be back. Mollie received her Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science from Michigan State University and her Master's of Art in Writing, Literature, and Publishing from Emerson College in Boston. She is passionate about local food and is excited to start her own garden. Mollie is a writer, a runner, a traveler, and an experimental chef who hasn’t quite learned the "importance" of measuring ingredients.

Jeannie Voller
Food & Farm Events Coordinator

Jeannie Voller is passionate about food, farming and community. As coordinator of Crosshatch's food and farm events, Jeannie has organized scores of workshops across Northwest Lower Michigan. Jeannie also serves as the Crosshatch Volunteer Coordinator and as an instructor for the Preservation Station. She enjoys building her homestead, cooking, knitting, and baking. When Jeannie isn't dirty in the garden, feeding chickens, or taking care of children, she is traveling, dancing, reading, or writing.