Photo of the Crosshatch property by Amanda Kik. 

Where Art Meets Earth

At Crosshatch we have a 185-year plan. No, really. From our great-grandparents to our great-grandchildren, we're placing ourselves smack dab in the middle of 7 generations to understand, imagine, and work toward living in this place we call home. Crosshatch, as an organization, has Three Phases. 

Phase 1 - Where we Were

  • Start ISLAND
  • Develop library
  • Provide workshops
  • Nurture community relationships 

Phase 2 - Where we Are

  • Start artist and farmer residency programs
  • Ramp up workshops 
  • Help plan and execute Northern Michigan Small Farm Conference and Farm School
  • Partner with other bad-ass non-profits and businesses

Phase 3 - Where we're going

  • Erect community space for dances, art exhibits, potlucks, classes, and more
  • Provide housing for multiple artists at the residency
  • Build a working farm 
  • Materialize the concept "art meets earth" through the collaboration of artists, farmers, and ecologists on the Crosshatch property

We'll keep you updated and informed on our efforts and needs as we move closer to Phase 3. If you're interested in helping out, pitching in, or just staying in loop, sign up for our mailing list.