Green roof workshop. Photo by Michael Murphy IV.

Founded in 2005, Crosshatch explores the intersections of art and ecology. Crosshatch began because of co-founders Brad and Amanda Kik's shared belief that the arts and ecology are intertwined and essential to enriching community. 


Crosshatch Center for Art & Ecology builds strong communities through the intersections of art, farming, ecology and economy.


Crosshatch envisions communities that are grounded in place: where people connect through stories, music, art, shared work, and food, and where the economy and culture are rooted in restoration of the earth and its people.

In this bioregion of lakes and woods, we have abundant opportunities to transform culture, crafts, and agriculture into activities ripe with distinction, function, and soul. The possibility of maturing as people and regenerating the beauty and character of our locale, for the sake of the seventh generation, and of all the living creatures who make this place a home, looms before us. Crosshatch’s programs are brilliantly apt to these worthy purposes: thoughtful, strategic, and eminently practical. Every bioregion should be so fortunate in its organizers.
— Stephanie Mills, author