Hill House Alum Update

Winter breeds inspiration—the home-bound weeks, the quiet, the stark, monochrome world. And when this is more debilitating than inventive, we can help. Check out some happenings from a few Hill House alums to warm your soul.


Charming Disaster

Charming Disaster, the Brooklyn duo known for their macabre, folk-noir tunes, have reached their goal on Kickstarter for album #3, Spells + Rituals. This compilation will feature songs about poison, witches, steampunk, monsters and the end of the world. Ellia Bisker and Jeff Morris have begun work on this album with thoughts of album #4 already a-brewing. Keep up with Charming Disaster and read more about their Kickstarter campaign here.

Passepartout Duo

Passepartout Duo announced that during their residency at De Grote Post in Ostend, they filmed Marta Forsberg's new piece called Gentle Acts. Check this out on YouTube. They will also be returning to the states for residencies and will be conducting concerts in Italy this spring. A new journey begins for the piano/percussion duo in April 2019 for another multi-year journey to commission new works, this time through Asia. The compilation of their similar journey through the Nordic countries can be seen here.

Scott Hocking

Detroit-based artist and Hill House alum Scott Hocking, was nominated to be among 100 influential Detroiters to be photographed and interviewed for Marcus Lyon'sI.Detroit: A Human Atlas of Detroit project. Along with this recognition, Scott has created many site-specific, monstrous installations now gracing southeastern Michigan. From Seventeen Shitty Mountains, created at a decades-vacant Detroit Water & Sewerage building, to The Sleeper (Cowcatcher) created using over 300 railroad ties and artifacts collected from railroad yards of various tracks throughout Detroit and Lansing, to creating a new large-scale site-specific installation for the expansive exhibition Landlord Colors: On Art, Economy, & Materiality, curated by Laura Mott for Cranbrook Art Museum in 2019, Scott has a lot of news. See the entire eblast here.

Latham Zearfoss

Latham Zearfoss was named in Art 50 as one of Chicago’s Artist’s Artist. Their work as an artist spans various genres, all to confront the issue “selfhood and otherness.”  Dismissing boundaries between art media and uniting human beings in collective struggle, political and personal, is at the core of their pieces. Their shorts were screened at New York City’s Union Docs this past spring and last year they co-organized Open Engagement in New York City. Since 2005, Zearfoss has co-organized Chances Dances, a queer collective and monthly dance party.

Kevin Doyle

New York-based playwright and director Kevin Doyle has been selected as the sixth Saari Invited Artist. This past September he began working at the Saari Residence for artists and researchers, maintained by Kone Foundation in Mynämäki. Doyle is currently exploring ways to make visible the gap between reality and the compressed and consolidated versions of reality created by media. At the Saari Residence, Doyle wrote several plays that he has been developing for nearly two decades.

Warm winter wishes to you all. Email us if you have alumn updates of your own for us to share!