XH News & Hill House Alumni Update


January was conference month for us here at Crosshatch. We, along with the minds of a stellar committee and the wizards behind the curtain, Events North, put on a farmer’s shebang that is THE event of the winter: the Northern Michigan Small Farm Conference. 

That being said, while we are rebooting, vacationing and planning for the Crosshatch spring and summer event line-up, we’ve realized the Hill House alumni update is long past due. While our artist residency may be on hold for the time being, our alumni are cranking out some fine work.


Logan Farmer

"I had the opportunity to go to an isolated cabin in the woods and record an album,” Logan writes. “I didn't shave and I packed lots of flannel, all the stuff you would expect from a folk singer in 2017. But despite the isolation and lovely autumnal setting, I knew from the beginning that I wanted to make a city album.” Check out Logan’s album written almost entirely while in residence at the Hill House.

Robinson & Rohe

The anticipated album, Hunger, by Robinson and Rohe, has arrived. Written during their travels between the East Coast and the Upper Midwest. (Hey, that’s us!), Hunger is an album of songs about love and land . Fetch yourself an album and hear more about their updates here. In related news, Jean Rohe recently received full funding for a solo album through PledgeMusic. We cannot wait for this! We will let you know when we know more.

Kay Belardinelli

Kay Belardinelli released Fill Your Lungs with her band, Mar, in 2017. Mar is a two-piece blend of doom metal, noise, and punk with lyrics about trauma and recovery from a feminist perspective. She finished her autobiographical zine, Murmurs, Chants, and Screams, vol II covering dreams, healing, and the subconscious. Kay also developed a solo-music performance with video projection called Mariassunta, based on the life of Saint Maria Goretti. In this performance, she blends harsh guitar noise with simple, organ melodies and combines scenes from the 1949 film based on Goretti's life.

Passepartout Duo

Nicoletta Favari & Christopher Salvito of Passepartout Duo (you may remember the cool video they made at the Hill House) have been busy. They are collaborating on a new album with visual artists from Beijing, Yannis Zhang and Yumo Wu. Their work continues on the Skammdegi/Náttleysi project, a project inspired by light cycles present in the Nordic countries, collaborating recently with composers Marta Forsberg and Hafdís Bjarnadóttir. In addition, they were featured in an article from NYLON magazine about their recent appearance at the Myrkir Músíkdagar festival in Iceland (in English, that means “darkest days”). To see all of their accomplishments and hear their super interesting and diverse work, visit their page here.

Warm winter wishes to you all. Email us if you have alumni updates of your own for us to share! jeannie@crosshatch.org