Hill House Artist and Alumni Update

The applications are in and soon we’ll be introducing you to the next cohort of artists that will be coming to the Hill House this summer and fall. Today, let’s focus on who’s been there as of late and who is on their way, plus some exciting alum updates as well. Read on, Hatchies.


Since the fall, we’ve greeted and said farewell to musician Anthony Barilla, writer Emily Pittinos, visual artist Oren Goldenberg, returning alum Charming Disaster, songwriter Julia Purcell, visual artist Kay Bellardinelli, and finally visual artist (and Brit!) Andrew Hladkey. That’s a lotta artists coming and going. At Crosshatch, we often get the chance to get to know these artists at a cocktail hour at Starlight Lounge with the whole staff. It’s always inspiring and grounding to meet the artists that we support through the Hill House. They’re all unique, but they all share the quality of being interesting dreamers and doers. We’re so honored to host them at the Hill House and we thank our donors, supporters, and friends for making the Hill House a possibility for all these artists.

Next up to the Hill House is Lexie Stoia, a visual artist who is bringing her family along with her to the Hill House. Welcome, Lexie!


Now this really tickled our fancy: it’s an article about a Hill House alumni, written by a Hill House alumni. They’re everywhere! Enjoy this piece by Holly Wren Spaulding about Amanda Acker and her shape paintings.

Alum Esteban del Valle was featured in this piece from the Washington Post about his show “Unsettled” that was on exhibition at VisArts in Rockville, Maryland earlier this spring.

We were so happy to host the Hill House Showcase this past weekend, in partnership with Blissfest Music Organization. The event was a two-night affair, happening once at Kirkbride Hall in Traverse City and the next night at Crooked Tree Arts Center in Petoskey. We highlighted three alumni from the Hill House, Joshua Davis, Three Thirds, and Robinson & Rohe. We’re excited to announce that we nearly sold out both shows. The crowds were full of smiling faces. Many of the concert-goers had never seen the out-of-town bands and maybe they hadn’t even heard of the Hill House. What a great way to show off some of the amazing artists that come through the Crosshatch Hill House artist residency program. We feel like proud parents. We might have even shed a tear. Thanks to our mega-talented alumni for putting on such a good show. And thanks to the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA) and The Erickson Family Fund at the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation for their support. 


Are you interested in the future of the arts culture here in Northern Michigan? Of course you are! Join the NW Michigan Arts Network for one of their regional arts planning focus groups and let your voice be heard! The next meeting is April 25th at Crooked Tree Arts Center in Traverse City at 4:00. See you there!