Hill House Artist Updates and News

Since the last Hill House Artist and Alum News update we’ve started a new season at the Hill House. There are two seasons at the Hill House, you see, November-May and June-October. And so: we welcome a whole new crop of artists and, wow, we are excited to meet these fine folks. Keep an eye on this page, we have a feeling we’ll be sharing some pretty cool updates as these next few months go by.


To wrap up the last season of the Hill House, Jenny Johnson and Paul Kruse came and went. Lucky us, we got a sneak peek into their trip through some photos they shared on facebook. Looks like they had the northern Michigan experience complete with snakes, kayaking, and—of course—Short’s brewery. We’re glad they had fun.

We were happy to welcome our next artist-in-residence, Emillia Javanica, a dancer, performance artist, and educator from Ann Arbor. Through a grant awarded to Crosshatch from the Sustainable Arts Foundation, Emillia was able in bring her husband and son to be with her while in residence at the Hill House. They dove head first into northern Michigan culture by attending the Bass Festival in Mancelona on their drive north.

Next up is Jeremy Bolen, a visual artist, researcher, and educator from Chicago. Here, Art 21 Magazine interviews Jeremy, “Center Field | The Stage of Scientific Reproduction: An Interview with Jeremy Bolen” about his series of work, CERN, that, “measures phenomena invisible to the human eye.” Jeremy’s work combines a passion for science, physics, the unseen and photography. Check it out.


Former resident and musician, Christine Khandjian, has launched an IndieGoGo project to help fund her participation in Edinburgh Fringe, the largest arts festival in the world. Don’t you want to say you helped contribute to the largest arts festival in the world?? Check out Christine’s awesome project, pass it on, and help an artist out, ya heard!

Alum Max Lockwood is featured on Seth Bernard’s latest album, Eggtones for Peace. He’ll be playing bass this Saturday July 2nd, during An Evening with Seth Bernard & Friends—"Eggtones for Peace" Release Concert at the the Ark in Ann Arbor.

Review alert! Claire Chenette, Hill House alum and esteemed oboist, is now a member of the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra. Recently, she was a part of Legeti Forward, a series of concerts held at the Museum of Modern Art to celebrate composer Gyorgi Legeti. The New York Times called the concerts “exhilarating.” Go, Claire, Go!

Jennifer Crighton started a piece during her residency at the Hill House in January of 2015. There, she wrote an album and created a series of video performances. She debuted some of that work in an exhibition called The Hermitess earlier this month at The New Gallery. “Composed of a film, sound, and sculptural installation, The Hermitess portrays the voice and visage of its central character as she comes to terms with her otherness, searching for a lone and impenetrable place both within and without.” Wish we could have been there to check it out, but so glad to know that the Hill House was the breeding ground for such inspiring work.

Poet Alum Brandi George has been receiving accolades for her book of poems, Gog, released in the fall of 2015. Gog won the Gold Medal in the Florida Book Awards. Golden!


October is just around the corner, Hatchies. Spread the word that applications for the next season of the Hill House are due October 1st. Time flies, but at the Hill House, we hear it sllooows right down. Come see for yourself!