Hill House Artist Updates and News

Artists are humans, too. And like the rest of us, their summer is suddenly looking really busy. Check out some happenings from a few of the Hill House alums. Tours! Sales! New artwork and old friends. It's basically summer already, humans.


Last week we said goodbye to David Vayo, a big-hearted, super-talented composer from Chicago. Among his many accolades, there have been over four hundred performances and broadcasts of his compositions: in Mexico, Taiwan, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, and Spain and at Harvard University, Ohio State University and the universities of Wisconsin and Iowa, the International Trumpet Guild festival, the International Trombone Festival, the International Double Reed Festival, the Grand Teton Music Festival, and three World Music Days of the International Society for Contemporary Music. Bam! He composed new music while at the Hill House, cooked himself some decadent meals, and took a leisurely bike ride down Graves Crossing Road.

David’s departure makes room for the arrival of writers-in-collaboration, Jenny Johnson and Paul Kruse. Jenny and Paul hail from Pittsburgh, PA -- we hope they enjoy the newly popped green leaves of spring. May the chipmunks and squirrels inspire writing worthy of the woods.


Jean Rohe, singer-songwriter extraordinaire, is heading out for a solo tour. Starting in Brooklyn TOMORROW, she’ll then be up and down the Pacific Northwest coast. Check her out if you find yourself in that green, magical part of this earth!

Alum Skye Livingston has spent the last 11 months as an artist-in-residence at Arrowmont. And just like that, she’s on the move and having a studio flash sale on her way out the door. Check it out and score some really good goods!

Lucas Harrison Oswald is doing really great stuff with his band, Shearwater—like playing David Bowie’s Lodger album from start to finish in front of a film crew. Check out this video put out over at AV Club of the Hill House alum’s band! You’re not gonna wanna miss this. And if that wasn’t enough, Shearwater has a European tour scheduled for next month, too.  

Michigan native and Hill House alum, Loren Nosan, has work in a new show called Body Politic. The exhibit is at Academic, a contemporary art gallery in Long Island City, NY, featuring emerging artists and curators. Go, Loren go!

Katie Vota, sculpture and installation artist, has a new website up and running. It’s so pretty you’re gonna wish you could stick your hand right through the screen and touch it. We regret to inform you this is simply not possible. Maybe someday!

Alum Esteban del Valle is working on an exciting piece for the Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters in Norfolk, VA. Enjoy, sweet kiddos!



June 1st begins the next season of Hill House residencies. Keep an eyeballs open for a newsletter about all the incoming artists. We can wait for you to meet them!