The first Crosshatch artists-in-residence: Charming Disaster

We've had many, many artists come and stay at the Hill House. Hundreds of words written, strings strummed, brushstrokes painted. And we have truly loved getting to know all the souls who have come north to stay. Ellia Bisker and Jeff Morris (musicians in collaboration) will hold a special place in our hearts though, as the very first *CROSSHATCH* artists-in-residence. 

Ellia and Jeff arrived in January as ISLAND residents, but will leave February 10th as Crosshatch residents. We're stoked to have such fine people staying at the Hill House during this momentous time.  

Ellia and Jeff come to Michigan from Brooklyn, New York where the both work and live. For 10 years, Ellia has been playing her songs about doomed love, works of literature, and existential mysteries as Sweet Soubrette. She is also the singer and lyricist of Funkrust Brass Band, a 20-piece punk marching band, and plays in the "parlor-rock" ensemble Kotorino, headed up by Jeff. Jeff started playing music in New York with improvisation-based theatrical bands before forming Kotorino. 

Since 2012, Jeff and Ellia have played together as Charming Disaster. They came to the Hill House to work on this project and it looks as though they're having fun - check out the videos below that were recorded at the Hill House during their stay!

Jeff and Ellia are planning to attend the Short's Open Mic night this Tuesday, February 9th at 7:30pm before they say goodbye and head home on the 10th. Come out and hear Charming Disaster in person! Let's go ahead and call it "pub-rock". We'll see you there.