Graphic Designer Request for Proposal

Crosshatch Center for Art and Ecology is a nonprofit organization in Northwest Lower Michigan dedicated to restoring rural communities. Our mission is to build strong communities through the intersections of art, farming, ecology and economy. We are seeking the services of a graphic designer to produce materials that help us communicate our work to our community.

Crosshatch is seeking a qualified graphic designer or firm to conceptualize, design and deliver supporting collateral materials.

Design Requirements
Maintain a consistent brand identity in the design of all of Crosshatch’s visual media. Deliver materials in Adobe compliant format.

Estimated Project Duration
Crosshatch requires the contract services of a graphic designer through June 30, 2020, with the possibility of contract renewal for additional projects.

Functional Requirements
The functional requirements of the contract may vary in length from month to month dependent upon the scope of the project. The summary below reflects anticipated requirements for the duration of the project. Additions/subtractions may occur. Please note that the design/ownership/copyright and original source files must remain with Crosshatch and that all work product created as part of this project will be the sole property of Crosshatch.

Scope of Work
Services will consist of design work for:

  • the Northern Michigan Small Farm Conference, including:

    • 40-ish page registration brochure

    • 20-ish page program guide

    • Print advertisements

    • Digital advertisements

    • Posters

    • Event signage

    • PowerPoint slide deck

  • other Crosshatch events, including:

    • outreach materials (direct mail newsletters, flyers, posters, print ads, digital ads, etc.) for the Skill Swap and periodic fundraising events

    • program guides for the Skill Swap and periodic fundraising events


Background information
Resume and/or description of experience and 3 client references.

3-5 samples indicating relevant design work (web links are sufficient). Must include a multi-page booklet with extended text.

All candidates must submit an estimated budget based on the work outlined in this RFP, printing fees excluded, and either an hourly rate or per item rate for design services. All staff/subcontractors that will be part of the development team should be included.

Basis for Award of Contract
Proposals will be based on portfolio review, experience and references.

Submission Instructions
Submissions of interest, including a cover letter, portfolio samples, hourly or per item rate, and cost estimate, must be submitted by 5pm, Friday, August 30. Submit materials to Amanda Kik at

The selection process, including interviews, will occur in September, 2019. Interviews and negotiations with the winning bidder are expected to result in candidate selection by mid-September, with the project to commence upon contract signing.

Questions regarding this RFP should be directed to Amanda Kik,