Establishing and Caring for Chestnut Trees

  • Northwest Hort Station 6686 South Center Highway Traverse City, MI, 49684 United States

Did you know that Michigan is the number one producer of chestnuts in the United States? There’s good reason why: Chestnuts are a perennial crop, more shelf-stable than most fruits and quicker to produce than most nuts, plus they taste amazing.

Interested in learning more about growing chestnut trees? Join us for this introductory workshop. Dr. Dennis Fulbright will offer us a closer look at different varieties of chestnuts (including the American Chestnut) to help decide which variety is best for your budding project.

This workshop will take place in the classroom and out in the Hort Station’s new chestnut orchard. We'll look at goals, planting the right germplasm, pest/disease management, harvest and marketing.

Cost: $30 // Tickets here